What Are The Job Responsibilities Of A Conveyancing Solicitor?

Job Responsibilities Of A Conveyancing Solicitor

Most of the time, people know little about the value of a conveyancing lawyer only to regret it later. Buying or selling a house is a difficult and time-consuming process involving two parties. However, the most difficult part that must be streamlined and handled carefully is the documentation of the financial transaction and preparing of the legal contract that can facilitate a smooth transfer of the property from one name to the other. In this article, we will understand who are conveyancing solicitors and how they can help you in your property selling or buying process. 

What Is A Conveyancer?

Conveyancing solicitors in Essex are lawyers who specialize in conveyancing which is the process of transferring the ownership of a property from one to another party. They have attained their education in Law and serve to facilitate the conveyancing process most lawfully. 

What Does A Conveyancer Solicitor Do?

From transferring the title in the deeds to arranging legal help and providing legal advice, there are multiple ways in which they can help. They are qualified and licensed practitioners who can perform the tasks related to conveyancing on your behalf. Their profession is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority SRA in England.

He/she can help in transferring the title deeds for both buyers as well as sellers. Their main job is to take care of the minute details and mention the entire transaction in the legal contract so that the client can be saved from any misinformation or argument after selling or buying the property. They will ask for details of usage, repair, any loan, boundaries etc. and take the client’s approval before mentioning any in the document. Further, they will address any questions asked from both sides of the parties for better clarity during the sale or buying process.

What Is A Conveyancer

Searches like for water lines, road lines, land registry, risk of flood, coal mining nearby etc. will be performed by them and listed with utmost clarity for both the party’s knowledge. 

Why You Should Hire One?

Conveyancing solicitors in Essex are professional lawyers who understand the ins and out of property law. They can assist you in all the legalities that will help you carry out the buying and selling process with ease and with all essential information regarding the property. They are experienced in handling both commercials as well as residential property which means they can point out authentic questions and evaluate a property before you buy or sell to give you a proper idea of its financial and face value.

Further, they are specialists and can streamline the entire process. 


Investing in a Conveyancing Lawyer is a wise choice. You can save your time, energy, and peace of mind while ensuring all the legal aspects of your buying or selling are met completely.