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Divorce Lawyer

Speaking about family law in Texas, it tackles everything about the following:

  • marriage
  • divorce
  • adoption
  • child support
  • child custody

Family law in Texas is a bit different from other state family laws. Thus, living in Texas as a married person must learn and understand family law. When you are living in Texas as a married person, but unhappy due to a marriage issue, specifically adultery, get a free consultation from the family law lawyers in fort worth.

Most family laws are quite similar to the other states with a few differences. For instance, Texas doesn’t permit same-sex couples, which means same-sex marriage is automatically declined or not allowed. Also, with the tight restrictions on abortion. In some other cases, family law includes:

  • child abuse
  • domestic abuse
  • stalking
  • protective orders

However, a higher case under family law is divorce. It is a situation between parties who committed adultery, which is subject to a divorce case. However, you can’t file a divorce case if you have lacking or insufficient evidence to prove that your spouse has committed adultery. In some cases, spouses merely suspect their spouse with a lack of evidence. To understand more about adultery, you should read below.

Divorce Lawyer

Adultery during marriage

Many cases during the marriage have been ruined due to faults that have not been talked to both parties. Whether it is financially, physically, mentally, or emotionally, all have to be solved by both parties. It can be possible by having a good conversation between the two parties. But, some cases can longer be solved through good conversation, and only legal matters can handle them.

Adultery is one ground of divorce that is usually filed by a husband or wife during marriage. No adultery is not illegal in Fort Worth, Texas. The court in Texas considers the following as grounds for divorce:

  • marital misconduct
  • infidelity

Texas annulment

Annulment law in Texas is not that different from those other states. Some grounds for annulment that a spouse must know before filing the case. Annulment is a legal process of invalidating the marriage. There are grounds for annulment, which are divided into two categories, namely:

  1. Void Texas annulment grounds. It is a ground for annulment when married to a blood relative, such as a father, mother, brother, sister, aunt, or uncle. Also, if you are married to someone else.
  2. Voidable Texas annulment grounds. Filing for annulment under this category has grounds:
    1. Marriage below 14 years old
    2. Marriage below 18 years old
    3. Influenced by drugs and alcohol
    4. Duress and fraud
    5. Impotent
    6. Mental incapacity

To know and understand further, talk to a family lawyer in Fort Worth.