How To Have A Stress-Free Compensation Claim?

How To Have A Stress-Free Compensation Claim?

A compensation claim is covered under the WCA (Workers’ Compensation Act). It is a type of claim from an injury that happened within the workplace. It is a prerogative demand by the worker who has been disabled, injured, or suffering from any kind of illness while at the workplace. Employees can make compensation claims for the suffering and pain endured. Injury caused by an accident within the working area is entitled to be a compensable injury. However, there are excuses for these possible injuries that occur inside the workplace. It is essential to remember just because the injury happens at work doesn’t mean it is already covered under the WCA. An injury that may happen within the workplace during working hours doesn’t mean that it is automatically covered.

Scenarios entitled for a compensable injury

All the time and cases inside the workplace mean that the injury is entitled to compensation. If you have been suffering from a compensable injury, the no win no fee lawyers Queensland can help you get what you deserve. But, as an employee, it is important to understand some scenarios that are subject to the claim or not, such as below:

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  • Fall or slip. If an employee at work during working hours accidentally slips on the wet floor and hits the head, the scenario would be covered under WCA. But, if an employee comes to work feeling unwell and faints during working hours, and hits his head, the employer is not responsible for the mishap.
  • Falling debris. If an employee at a construction site, during work, accidentally hit by falling debris, it would be covered under the WCA. But, it would be investigated if the employer is the real responsible for the scenario or not. Some employers don’t provide protective or safety gear for their employees, especially on a construction site. On the other hand, employees who are careless at work and break the protocol of wearing proper safety gear while at work, then it is not the employer’s responsibility anymore.
  • On break time. If the employee is on lunch hour at the employer’s property, an injury can be covered. It is the responsibility of the employer to disallow any person or worker inside the property or workplace during breaks to avoid complications. The injury is a result of reasonable activity, which is covered under the Act.

Making a compensation claim can be difficult and takes a lot of time when the employer fights for it. Therefore, it is not easy to arrange being paid by the employer since not all employers are so good enough. Some employers are very curious and want to make sure that they are the real responsible for the injury that happened to the employee. These scenarios are to be investigated with the help of the no win no fee lawyers in Queensland to make a compensation claim.