Everything You Need To Know About Timeshare Selling Scams

According to the current survey report, among 9 million UK citizens presently have a timeshare contract. Irony is buying a timeshare is not a big deal but you will realize the real struggle while trying to sell it. The real scenario is sometimes timeshare owners get anxious or frustrated and they become ready to do anything to sell their timeshare ownership. And here the trouble begins. There are some dishonest people all around who try to persuade the owners by promising to resell their contract. This is what we call a timeshare scam.

How To Identify Such Timeshare Scammers?

As we mentioned earlier, there are so many dishonest people who can take advantage of your innocence. So let’s spread some awareness against such timeshare selling scams. Generally such scammers use some common tactics to convince the owners. Here are some signs:-

       A sudden phone call from an unknown number

       An offer of great reselling deal

       A link of website sent by the caller

       A deal above expectations

       Commitment of fast selling

       Demand of an advance payment

These are the most common signs to identify a scammer. If you get a call from a person who claims to be a timeshare reseller please be careful. There are a lot of cases where people have lost their money by getting trapped.

What Actions You Must Take To Avoid Such Scams?

The number of timeshare scams has increased dramatically in recent years. So, now it’s the high-time when we should become more careful and take necessary action against timeshare selling scams. Here are some tips to deal with such selling scams. We really hope this helps you to stay safe.

       Do not disclose any information regarding your timeshare contract. No matter how much convincing they sound.

       Do not make any advance payment no matter how much they pressurize or persuade you.

       Do not open the link of a website they shared through mail or message. This can be a way to hack your device.

       Contact a timeshare lawyer immediately to verify whether the caller is genuine or not.

       Be more cynical when the caller tries to persuade you by talking about potential buyers.

       Do not agree to meet them anywhere outside without taking your lawyer’s advice.

So, we have done our part right. Now the final call is yours. Do not trust any reseller, we repeat. Always seek legal advice from a reputed lawyer before going forward.