Everything To Know About The Divorce Process In Singapore

Divorce Process In Singapore

Thinking of ending a marriage? Working with a divorce lawyer will give you assurance that you know that you are on the right track if you are thinking of legally ending a marriage.If you are still looking for a Singapore family lawyer. But before doing so, here’s everything that you should know about divorce in Singapore.

Divorce – Muslim and Non-Muslim

The legal process for ending a marriage is called ‘divorce.’ It is very important that your first understand what divorce is, the process it entails, and how it is done in Singapore. Both parties are not allowed to remarry until the court has issued the Final Judgment. If both parties involved are non-Muslim, the divorce proceedings will be conducted at a Family Justice Court. Otherwise, the proceedings will be in the Syariah Court.

Divorce Lawyer

The Divorce Process in Singapore

In order to initiate a divorce process in Singapore, one spouse will file an application for divorce in the Family Court. Both parties will then be required to be present at counseling sessions before it will be deemed final. A court date will then be set where both parties will be informed of unless they have already filed no objections.


The divorce process here in Singapore is still somewhat the same as how it is done elsewhere. The process includes initiating the proceeding to legally dissolve the marriage between two individuals. Setting any outstanding issues involved in property division and child custody will also be discussed.

How A Divorce Be Granted in Singapore

Anyone can file for a divorce. But for it to be granted, there should be a legal reason behind it to prove that the marriage can no longer be fixed by counseling. A court will only grant an application for a divorce if the applicant will be able to prove that there has been an ‘irretrievable  breakdown.’ The common legal reasons for this include adultery or desertion when parties have already separated for three years with consent or four years without consent. Unreasonable behavior of one of the parties can also be used.

Hire a Divorce Lawyer In Singapore

Now that you are decided, it is always best that you know what you are getting yourself into. So ensure that you are working with the best If you are still looking for a Singapore family lawyer. Remember that this process is going to be a long and painful battle, especially in a contested divorce situation. But if you have the right lawyer, then you can take a little bit of the burden off your shoulders, especially when it comes to the legal proceedings.