Roles and responsibilities of divorce lawyers

A divorce can be an emotional issue and hence, divorce lawyers have to shoulder various roles and responsibilities in addition to explaining to the clients all legal formalities, procedures, proceedings and terms. Most of the time, experienced divorce lawyers usually help their clients to divide all their assets mutually. However, when the couple is not in agreement with each other they would need to seek intervention of court, which becomes time taking and expensive as well.

Limitations upon interest of ownership

Every country has a specific set of law firm rules that the attorneys need to follow and abide. One of the rules specifies that only lawyers may have an ownership interest, however, the only exception to this rule is certain law firm managers. This rule also helps to avoid fund raising acts like initial public offerings. The existing equity partners are responsible for capital contributions which can be even through debts. Generally, this is carried out in line of credit. Law Firms depend on the jurisdiction in which the firm practices.

Important Duties of the Divorce Lawyer

Pre-divorce guidance: This is one of the most important duties of lawyers for divorce. When a client or clients meet with a divorce lawyer for the first time, he will have to advise them on all the matters related to divorce that involves financial matters, child custody issues, and so on. In brief, the divorce lawyers will have to help the clients prepare for the proceedings ahead.

Preparing paper works: The divorce lawyer also has to prepare summons and also divorce complaint that need to be presented before court. If one of the spouses has already filed one, then the other lawyer will have to prepare a response for the same. It is important that the lawyer is also well versed with financial matters so that he can guide his clients in matters of finance and get those papers ready too. If children are involved, then the lawyer will have to prepare those papers too that deal with custody matters.

Information: It is the duty of the divorce lawyer to keep his client informed at all times. He should be accessible all the time and should reply to the client as and when the client demands so. Whatever documents are sent by the lawyer from the opposite side, the divorce lawyer should ensure that these documents reach the client. Any new developments from the court, decision or summons, should be communicated to the client as soon as possible. In brief, there should not be any delay in informing the client.

Multiple roles: A divorce lawyer will have to play multiple roles that include explaining the divorce ground, and laws, playing a negotiator, helping the client deal with financial matters smartly, preparing child custody matters that do not hurt the interests of the child and so on. The divorce lawyer will also have to play a peacemaker so that the whole matter is done in a peaceful and amicable manner.